Equipment Management: The Difference

TKA’s equipment management program aims to deliver improved operational outcomes through four initiatives:
  1. Increasing the productivity of available equipment
  2. Reducing maintenance and management costs through the use of technology and onsite staff
  3. Mitigating the risks and costs associated with product recalls or modifications
  4. Facilitating compliance with regulatory and record-keeping requirements and manufacturers’ specifications on the tracking and maintenance of medical equipment
Our Guarantee
We guarantee the most comprehensive clinical engineering and medical equipment program today with significant cost savings through the following methods:
  • We serve our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Our inclusive model covers the failures in high-risk areas such as CT glassware and ultrasound probes. These costs are often unbudgeted and cause unfavorable budget variances when incurred
  • The TKA program develops a linear, reliable budget at a significant cost savings

Case Study: Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

TKA’s in-sourced, centralized delivery model came to the rescue at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital in early 2014. When the Allura Xper FD10 Electro Physiology Lab at the Hospital experienced a malfunction, the in-house TKA technicians with access to the system were able to successfully view error logs and troubleshoot the issue. The technicians found that the chiller contained a small leak, which pulled air into the pump, causing it to lose prime. They determined this leak as the source of the error.

The technicians called the equipment manufacturer to obtain a quote for a new chiller. The replacement chiller was estimated to cost $32,111.51, plus shipping costs from Germany. The technicians evaluated their options and decided that the best course of action was to take the chiller apart and repair it at the component level, in-house. This was a $39,311.51 win for Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. “We saved approximately $7,200 in labor and fixed the component,” said Vernon Frank Dowden, a TKA imaging field service engineer. “The room was up and running with minimal downtime, resulting in only one rescheduled case.”

Cost-to-Value Ratio: What is yours?

What is your cost to value ratio?
What would you like it to be?

The ratio of equipment repair cost to acquisition value may be useful as a tool to predict future costs of a given hospital’s medical equipment maintenance. This tool may also be useful as a measurement of the effectiveness of a change in a hospital’s approach to biomedical equipment maintenance.

Client and Staff Testimonials

TKA’s culture offers freedom, challenge and meaningful purpose. The company’s investment in technician training and leadership is unsurpassed in the industry. Our commitment to continuous education and training builds personal worth and value for each team member. TKA develops enthusiastic learners into experts in their craft. Team members are dedicated to helping one another grow, and each employee is committed to both improving the company’s knowledge of equipment, as well as understanding the client’s needs, culture and circumstances.

Steve Gilbert
COO, The Innovation Institute

While exploring options to improve our clinical engineering program, we were in search of a true partner. During TKA’s time at CHOC, the team has been collaborative and responsive to our needs. By utilizing TKA to repair in-house, we save money. Repairs are done with a prompt response and a quick turnaround time. The TKA staff is comprised of good, reliable people who fit well here at CHOC and are well liked by all departments. TKA relates to how our staff works, and in doing so, the company has been an invaluable partner to our organization.

Robin Aguirre
Logistics Supervisor, Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)

The structure of TKA is a great model – through cross training, the company creates shared expertise, cost savings and great efficiencies in what they do. We are dedicated and meticulous in our work, and we are passionate about adapting to the changing needs of each facility – all traits which you can see at every level throughout TKA.

Lee Santos
Biomedical Technician, TKA