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5 Reasons You Can’t Miss TKA’s Virtual Booth at THA Conference


By David Francoeur

As an industry that’s been on the frontlines of the coronavirus fight since early 2020, we’re more than ready to return to our previous work lives – like gathering in person to exchange ideas and learn about new technology. But we respect the scientists and medical professionals who advised keeping next week’s Texas Hospital Association conference as a virtual event, which we’re helping to sponsor.

Since we can’t meet in person, we wanted to offer five pretty notable reasons to drop by our booth in the virtual Exhibition Hall:

  • You want to find a better way. Pandemic operations have stressed your costs, response times and resources, starting with your biomeds’ availability to keep up with equipment cleaning and maintenance demands. If you’re handling healthcare technology management (HTM) in-house, we know, in particular, that you’re struggling and understand your pain points. COVID-19 has reinforced that you’re experts in patient care, but the pandemic’s intensity uncovered gaps in effective systems for sanitizing equipment. You’re likely still trying to adapt your day-to-day models, which included a major shift away from elective surgeries and routine patient care, while balancing revenue as you focus on caring for COVID patients. A partnership with TKA can lessen those burdens – at lower costs and higher efficiencies.
  • Your planning is stressed. A year ago, most people in our country didn’t even know what PPE was, but finding adequate supplies of protective gear and life-saving equipment such as ventilators was an immediate priority for many hospitals as the pandemic struck. The hospitals we support trusted us to be ahead of the curve, and we used our understanding of equipment trends and supplier relationships to deliver for them.
  • You want to know what’s happening in the industry. HTM is the foundation for providing the best quality patient care. Your providers know how to care for patients; we know how to care for the equipment they need for effective diagnoses and treatments. To start, we stay up to date with the latest training to repair and maintain equipment, and we monitor developments in medical equipment and new offerings. We also keep our partners informed on emerging issues, such as the debate over who has the right-to-repair your medical equipment, with manufacturers pushing for exclusive access to your technology – which could lead to significantly higher costs and reduced availability for your hospital.
  • You’re tired of losing equipment or not having it at the ready. We offer the tools and resources that work hand-in-hand to track every piece of equipment – so you can find it when you need it and don’t have to buy expensive replacements – and its status for patient use. For healthcare systems with multiple locations, TKA leverages remote-diagnostic units to monitor equipment health, so we can intervene before something breaks. Our strategic planning for equipment maintenance delivers greater uptime, so you don’t put your patient’s health or your financial well-being at risk.
  • You really want to win sponsor bingo. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Of course, we really want to help you plan for taking your HTM program to the next level, but we know the THA conference will attract attendees outside of our healthcare niche. We still encourage you to learn about the role of effective HTM to your hospital, and we’re happy to help you fill your card as one of the participants in sponsor bingo.

We’re excited to sponsor the THA event because Texas is a main hub for TKA with numerous partner locations. We’re looking forward to seeing familiar faces and reaching out to others who could benefit from TKA’s approach to healthcare technology management. We’re looking forward to understanding your needs and finding ways to partner together to improve your medical equipment effectiveness. By taking care of equipment use, access and cleanliness, TKA ensures you can focus on your core competency of quality patient care – while also protecting a healthy bottom line.

Register now and gain access to our booth in the virtual Exhibition Hall.


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