TKA Is Making Healthcare Technology Management Smarter


At TKA, we make healthcare technology management smarter. Considering the rapid pace at which healthcare is changing, there’s never been a better time to get smart about healthcare technology management.

Since our launch in 2012 as a system-wide initiative for California’s St. Joseph Health System, our priority has always been maximizing efficiencies to help deliver the best possible patient care. Today we transform healthcare technology programs to give clients the performance and peace of mind they need, want — and deserve.

One of the cornerstones of our success is our emphasis on empowering our technicians to do the right thing, the right way, at the right moment — often in the moment. It’s a definitive extension of our focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and prioritizing patient care.

At TKA we’re also looking ahead to how we support progress as healthcare advances. We’re proud to be impacting the future as a flexible and forward-thinking group of leaders responding to the ever-changing healthcare landscape and our clients’ evolving needs.

TKA Has Been Smart from the Start

TKA originated from innovation. It’s part of our DNA.

At the beginning, TKA’s prime directive was to design and implement a strategic new approach to make St. Joseph Health’s healthcare technology management more efficient, more effective — and less costly. At the time, St. Joseph Health was a 16-hospital health system spanning three states, with hospitals ranging from 25 to more than 1,000 beds. Each hospital had its own independent healthcare technology management program, and costs were ballooning at an alarming rate. As TKA, we brought these programs together, within the Innovation Institute, to reduce risks and costs while improving service.

From program inception until the end of March 2019, we saved St. Joseph Health $58.5 million. Name a hospital today that couldn’t use an extra several million dollars — let alone tens of millions.

How did we do it — and still do it, now that we serve clients beyond St. Joseph’s Health?

“TKA is unique because our focus is, and always has been, to support a greater mission of helping healthcare systems save money through innovation,” says Dave Francoeur, TKA Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “We’re wired to look at business opportunities in a lean way, pushing the savings out to our customers.”

“We’ve never been ‘business as usual.’ We deliver services differently because that’s how we were born,” continues George Hampton, TKA President. “We align with the mission of the Innovation Institute to fuel healthcare innovation, rather than generate enormous profits for shareholders and the C-suite. Our approach is more creative and more focused because that’s our ‘normal.’ TKA is a smarter choice for clients who want — and need — to save.”

TKA Is Getting Even Smarter About Healthcare Technology Management

TKA’s responsiveness to the changing healthcare needs of our clients already sets us apart. But just as change is a constant, so is innovation. We continue to strengthen our core capabilities in healthcare technology management to maintain our role as a trusted partner for clients — today and tomorrow.

“TKA has always been about establishing long-term relationships with our clients, because it’s how we impact lasting, meaningful change,” says Hampton. “We’re not in this for a short-term win today, we genuinely partner for the future.”

“We aim to remove the burden of healthcare technology management from clinicians, so they can focus on patient care,” says Francoeur. “That includes striving to provide a full spectrum of services to fulfill all of our clients’ needs, maximizing their value and minimizing their effort and costs. It also includes staying flexible to address changes in healthcare and healthcare delivery.”

One of TKA’s major growth initiatives is providing tools and data to deliver what clients need when and where they need it. It’s an initiative already in full swing.

“Good data drives good decision making,” says Hampton. “We’re providing clients with the data they need to make decisions, not only in the moment but also to help support their forward direction. Whether it’s measuring usage, planning for repairs, or helping the client know when they’ll need to upgrade, replace, and buy equipment, the goal is making those processes more effective so we maximize uptime and availability. Because when we maximize uptime and availability, we empower our clients to deliver the best possible patient care.”

“The bottom line is that inefficiencies result in excess inventory, and that excess inventory translates into excess expense,” adds Francoeur. “That’s exactly what we help our clients solve. When you create efficiency, you save money as well as valuable time.”

Another major growth initiative underway for TKA is reaching its goal to become a full-spectrum service provider, removing healthcare equipment management responsibilities from clinicians so they can focus on patient care.

“At the end of the day, increasing our service capabilities — while minimizing costs — results in empowering clinicians to focus on patient care,” says Francoeur. “Clinicians should never have to worry about where to find equipment, whether it works, or whether it’s clean. Our READI program is one great example of expanding our services to solve a major problem in the clinical environment. READI ensures at-the-ready access to clean, operable portable clinical devices, which increases safety, compliance, utilization, satisfaction, and efficiency — while reducing expenses.”

Beyond READI, TKA is taking the concept of smarter service to a whole new level.

“I believe the future of TKA goes beyond efficiency and service. I think we need to wrap up in a bow everything our clients worry about when it comes to managing their equipment fleet,” says Hampton. “That includes looking at everything from central control, cleaning, and cyber safety to addressing equipment leasing, purchasing, capital needs analysis, and even funding, and then building that into the value we bring to our clients. We’ve begun that journey of full life cycle management for all equipment, and it’s exciting to know that future is on the horizon for our clients.”

TKA Will Make a Smart Impact on the Future of Healthcare

Consolidation in healthcare is creating mega organizations that become more rigid the bigger they get. This is true of hospitals and health systems as well as within the healthcare technology management space. This makes it increasingly difficult for those organizations to meet the needs of clinicians and patients. Another unfortunate result is that some large healthcare technology management providers are walking away from smaller accounts.

TKA is uniquely poised to solve these challenges.

“TKA is large and knowledgeable enough to meet any equipment need, yet we’re flexible and nimble enough to tailor programs to meet the unique needs of our clients — in any size hospital or health system,” says Hampton. “We have the ability, the expertise, the experience, the size, and the skill sets required to align with what our clients need today — and adapt to what they need tomorrow. We can be innovative in solving problems and bringing value because of our history, our ownership, and our focus on the greater mission of driving healthcare innovation.”

“When you look at our competitive environment it’s easy to see why we’re the smart choice,” says Francoeur. “Manufacturers sell equipment, and provide purchasing assistance, but then lock customers into rigid service contracts that may not meet their current and ongoing needs. In-house healthcare technology management comes with the exposure and risks of running a program, and skills are limited to the in-house talent pool. Finally, other independent service organizations are, frankly, more susceptible to price pressures because of their structure — like the demands of private equity investors. None of those three options equate to comprehensive service, flexibility, and savings for hospitals and health systems.”

TKA is different. TKA manages the complete healthcare technology program, not just specific pieces. TKA collaborates to co-create programs for each hospital’s unique needs, focusing on optimizing technology while minimizing costs through a fixed-cost contract model. And TKA’s highly trained team of experts is available 24/7. We do it all, from policy and procedures to regulatory to HR. That’s what makes TKA the smart choice.

“We’re here to help our clients evolve as healthcare evolves,” says Hampton. “That makes TKA a smart partner today — and into the future.”


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