Smart Management — Process

In the end, your agenda is our agenda.


Making a switch in your clinical technology program doesn’t have to be complicated. TKA will partner with the existing in-house Client Biomedical team to manage, maintain and repair the operations of the identified contracted inventory. Our team will maintain a comprehensive inventory/database of all medical equipment utilizing the existing Client computer management system or within our TEAMnet software module, which is used to drive and coordinate team activity.

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We deliver improved operational outcomes through the following initiatives:

  • Productivity: Increasing the lifespan of available equipment with preventative maintenance.
  • Up-Time: Improve your up-time with repairs prompt from our highly-trained, on-site staff.
  • Inventory Management: Optimizing efficiency and saving money through organized and thorough inventory management.

Smart Technology — IT

Better Data. Better Outcomes.


Data Management

TKA can provide global team access to a comprehensive information database system via TEAMnet. This web-based capital asset technology application allows us to manage the entire lifecycle of the equipment process from planning through disposal.

Having worked in multiple hospitals and healthcare systems, TKA team members are also familiar with many other software systems. We are flexible and will work with whichever system that Client may choose.

Network Security

More important than having an efficient and functional data management system, is a firm’s ability to ensure the security of a hospital’s IT network. TKA’s processes and team member training delivers a comprehensive solution that safeguards sensitive equipment and devices. TKA will partner with Client’s in-house biomedical team to develop the best solution to reduce risk while maximizing outcomes.

Regular dialogue with Manufacturers for latest updates, protections and patches
Manufacturer updates are only installed after being validated and properly tested
Assess security controls on networked devices to ensure they are working properly and are not susceptible to hacking
Assess inventory traits, such as IT components, applications and other elements relevant to managing information security risks
Implement information security assurance practices for networks
Access to vendor information and exposure to training programs to ensure team members are knowledgeable and informed

Smart Accountability — Communication and Reporting

Spend less. Save more.


“If you’re doing the right things you have nothing to hide from.”

— George Hampton, President TKA

Arguably, there is nothing more important in your clinical technology department than communication and transparency. In fact, this is literally the glue that holds our process together. As your Biomedical Engineering and Imaging partner, TKA will be vigilant in our efforts to foster good communication with the team and provide all relevant stakeholders with timely information as necessary with ad-hoc reports being available within 24 hours of the time of request. At a minimum, we will conduct Monthly Joint Reviews (MJR) to review payments, savings, and recommendations.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind in working with a partner you can trust. That way you can focus on what really matters – providing the highest level of patient care.

Smart Engineering — Team

Work smarter AND harder.


Any provider can shift key personnel to support startup and transition and then recruit and hire staff to backfill positions. TKA’s customized approach is a strong attraction for key leaders and techs in the industry. While our technicians are available 24-7, the TKA model provides local autonomy backed by central support and training that cultivates a strong operational structure. In addition, our management team is built from within which fosters a high retention rate and low defection rate.

Our team is the best in the business. Every TKA technician receives the manufacturers’ training to provide preventative maintenance with pin-point accuracy. Training with those who built the machines provides the most in-depth understanding of the technology. In addition, we remain current with compliance policies to ensure Client’s adherence to regulatory and recordkeeping requirements, as well as manufacturers’ specifications on tracking and maintenance of medical equipment.

Smart Approach — Transition

The smarter the partner, the easier the transition.


Effective transitions, transformation and change require robust processes, plans, and governance, as well as a very strategic focus on people and behavioral change. As the TKA team and processes integrate into the existing biomed platform, we strive to incur no risk to current day-to-day operations, while achieving the earliest delivery of key cost reduction strategies and process efficiencies.

During transition, TKA will remain focused on ensuring that all key roles are filled with the most qualified, experienced resources; that transitioning staff have the tools, training, and resources to be operationally effective before or upon go-live; and that all stakeholders and end-users are informed and engaged.

Key transition goals include:

  • A strong attention to detail, order and precision – and determination to do the job right.
  • A creative approach to find and maximize savings.
  • Available and accessible 24-7.
  • Easy and seamless integration.
  • A commitment to assist in delivering exceptional patient care.
Cost-to-value ratio — what is yours?