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Innovation Institute and TKA Welcomes HTG, an Asset Management Business


The Innovation Institute and TKA are delighted to welcome a new sister company: Healthcare Technology Group (HTG).

Bringing in HTG as a portfolio company creates another great avenue for TKA to partner with peer organizations and build The Innovation Institute brand’s and commitment to transform the healthcare industry. HTG focuses on managing the life-cycle costs of clinical equipment to unlock the greatest savings and efficiencies for their clients.

“Whether you have a specific piece of technology or you need help with your entire HTM system, The Innovation Institute family of companies can take care of your needs – whatever stage you are in,” said Steve Gilbert, EVP and COO of The Innovation Institute.

Under the direction of President and CEO Steve Cannon, HTG offers:

  • Clinical asset management solutions: Its comprehensive delivery strategy and plan is designed to provide flexible management and custom service and maintenance down to an individual device, helping partners make smart decisions based on equipment use, service delivery and cost.
  • Healthcare technology consulting: After analyzing clients’ current delivery strategies, including outsource service contracts, HTG delivers a medical equipment roadmap that drives improved reliability, availability and utilization of equipment and technical resources.
  • HTM temporary labor: When a hospital has capability, capacity and resource challenges, HTG can deliver biomeds to help during technical staff shortages, management vacancies and stretches of heavy maintenance demands.

Much like the rich technical experience from TKA’s team, HTG builds on a combined 100 years of experience in managing and maintaining medical devices across the entire healthcare technology spectrum. Cannon’s distinguished career has included executive leadership positions at Sun Health and Premier, one of the nation’s largest GPOs. He served as the inaugural president at AllParts Medical and has held executive leadership roles at Aramark, Philips Healthcare, Sodexo and Althea U.S.

In sharing HTG’s vision recently in a TechNation article, Cannon said, “At a strategic level, HTG plans to offer unprecedented partnership structures to in-house programs for both health systems and rural hospitals – programs that have historically only been offered to large hospitals and health systems.”

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HTG offers an alternative service option to complement TKA’s portfolio of offerings. TKA looks forward to partnering with HTG to deliver elevate how it meets the needs of even more healthcare organizations, with benefits for both The Innovation Institute and partner hospitals.

“Both of our companies are dedicated to helping healthcare facilities deliver optimized HTM programs at the best costs, with a direct impact on improving patient outcomes,” said Dave Francoeur, TKA’s SVP of Marketing and Sales. “The bottom line is that our Innovation Institute family has never been better positioned to meet the HTM needs of any hospital.”

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