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Is It Time to Evaluate Your HTM Program?


When your Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) is optimized, you’re keeping life-saving medical equipment at the ready, meeting provider and patient needs, and staying within budget.

Are you sure that’s the case at your healthcare system?

With our free nine-question digital assessment, “Is Your HTM Program Firing on All Cylinders,” you can find out exactly how your program stacks up and recommended next steps – no matter the health of your HTM program. The assessment takes less than 5 minutes, and we’ll follow with a results summary outlining actionable tactics to continue to elevate your program.

Through the assessment, we help you analyze your program’s fundamental operations, including meeting uptime standards and having sanitized and functional equipment at the ready. Those are the minimum requirements for developing an HTM program that generates the highest clinician satisfaction since your providers need that equipment for patient care and diagnosis.

Because medical equipment is one of your largest annual hospital expenses (and where you can expect the greatest spike in costs), we also walk you through the financial underpinnings of your program. Any interruption with your most sophisticated devices – generally your imaging equipment – immediately threatens quality patient care and revenue streams.

Finally, we look at the engagement and collaboration between your HTM provider – whether internal or an external partner – and your hospital leaders and department heads. Those interactions are the foundation for ensuring your HTM program is positioned to meet today’s patient needs, as well as long-term planning to invest your capital planning dollars where they will deliver the best bang for your hospital and mission.

If you find yourself struggling to answer any of these questions, that’s an early sign that you have room for improvement in your program.

Assess Your HTM Program’s Health
The best place to start gauging your program’s health is by taking our new digital assessment, “Is Your HTM Program Firing on All Cylinders?” Once we have your input, we deliver a snapshot of where your program stands and tailored strategies on how to improve it. Our TKA team can meet with you to review your individualized results opportunities, including a partnership with our quality-certified program that delivers guaranteed savings.


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