Internal/External Fine Line

Internal/External Fine Line By Jeffery Niederhausen If I was to come to your facility, what would your balance be between external labor and internal labor? Do you strive to do everything possible under the sun internally before reaching out to vendors for help and assistance? Or, do you simply look at something and say, “Yup, it’s broke. I READ MORE

Suspending Disbelief in HTM: Looking Beyond a Traditional Point of View

Suspending Disbelief in HTM: Looking Beyond a Traditional Point of View By George Hampton “Articulate, intelligent individuals can skillfully construct a convincing case to argue almost any point of view. This critical, reactive use of intelligence narrows our vision. In contrast, projective thinking is expansive, ‘open-ended’ and speculative, requiring the thinker to create the context, concepts, and the READ MORE

A CFO’s Perspective

A CFO’s Perspective By Jeffery Niederhausen I have been asked many times through the years, “How did you go from biomed to finance?” The truth of the matter is, I never was in biomed or had any training in it. I have always been in finance and accounting. I am someone who happened to stumble upon a help READ MORE

Getting the Mix Right

Getting the Mix Right By George Hampton There are two unmovable forces in our industry: Regulatory Compliance and Financial Performance. They stand as individual elements in your program’s portfolio, regardless of your attention. In my organization, we work hard to educate and encourage our leaders to understand both concerns and find the agility to move between the two READ MORE