TKA’s Ian Fradella Chosen for Queen of the Valley’s Annual Excellence Award

TKA's Ian Fradella Chosen for Queen of the Valley's Annual Excellence Award By Tech Knowledge Associates This month, TKA Biomedical Equipment Technician, Ian Fradella was nominated and chosen for Queen of the Valley Medical Center: St. Joseph Hospital's Annual Excellence Award. Below are a few reasons that Ian won the honor, as said by his colleagues: "What READ MORE

Beyond The Wrench

Beyond the Wrench By Jeffery Niederhausen It’s just another routine day in the biomed shop and suddenly the phone rings. It’s an imaging director fired up because the CT crashed and revenue is going out the door. You tell them you will be right up. Then you wipe your hands on your scrubs after finishing up a breakfast READ MORE

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance By George Hampton I have been in the clinical technology field for over 30 years. Most of my friends are also health care professionals. It became apparent to me early on that health care people are a special breed. My experience is that we frequently have a different view of working hours and off hours. Many READ MORE

Internal/External Fine Line

Internal/External Fine Line By Jeffery Niederhausen If I was to come to your facility, what would your balance be between external labor and internal labor? Do you strive to do everything possible under the sun internally before reaching out to vendors for help and assistance? Or, do you simply look at something and say, “Yup, it’s broke. I READ MORE