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TKA Responds to President Biden’s Executive Order and Right to Repair


A new executive order from President Joe Biden looks to drive competition in the American economy. The downstream impact is that independent service providers, such as TKA, could have greater support and access in the ongoing debate over who has the right to repair medical devices.

TechNation, one of our industry’s top trade publications, recently took a broader look at the executive order and what it means across the HTM community. The editors spoke with representatives on both sides, including our own David Francoeur, senior vice president for marketing and sales, who continues to advocate for the right of all companies to repair HTM equipment.

As the publication quoted President Biden: “The heart of American capitalism is a simple idea: open and fair competition – that means that if your companies want to win your business, they have to go out and they have to up their game; better prices and services; new ideas and products. That competition keeps the economy moving and keeps it growing. Fair competition is why capitalism has been the world’s greatest force for prosperity and growth.”

An accompanying fact sheet, according to TechNation, states the executive order will “make it easier and cheaper to repair items you own by limited manufacturers from barring self-repairs or third-party repairs of their products.”

Francoeur responded enthusiastically to the news. “Speaking for myself with 35-plus years of healthcare experience, I’m cautiously optimistic around President Biden’s executive order on promoting competition in the American economy,” he told TechNation. “This country was founded on the notion of freedom, and having the ability to make a choice is a fundamental expectation of the American people.”

Read the full TechNation article – including Francoeur’s complete response – here.


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