Key Benefits to Partnering with TKA

Smart Management

Co-created programs that work for you

Accountable, centralized inventory and maintenance system that decrease operational and regulatory risk, including health device alerts, recalls and ePHI cybersecurity to ensure patient confidentiality

Single-source preventative maintenance programs that extend the life of client’s investment beyond the manufacturer’s end-of-life designation

Program compliance with ongoing process improvement through TKA’s Program Quality Evaluations (PQE)


Patient-centric approach: do it right, the first time

Built-in recruiting systems to quickly address staffing needs and centralized access to specialized technicians

Repairs done fast and communicated face to face: 24/7 coverage

Integrative approach with existing protocols, programs, staff, and related departments

Continuous education for TKA technicians and clinical users

Better Outcomes

Capped costs and efficient inventory management that will save clients’ money

Visibility that aids your leadership team in making informed capital planning and budgeting decisions via metrics and reporting

Consistent coverage that minimizes hospital and patient risk through the READI Program

Increased uptime with reliable access to available equipment, thus improving utilization

Aligned Incentives

A collaborative, hybrid, insource model. Client will have the ability to enhance and reclaim healthcare technology management program through TKA’s unique governance and operating structure

Guaranteed savings on total inventory — current and future

Flexibility to design a program to meeting your needs — “your program, our payroll”

See Us In Action
See Us In Action