What is TKA?

Tech Knowledge Associates, LLC (TKA) is revolutionizing the way hospitals maintain equipment. Created to centralize the clinical engineering functions and to consolidate cost centers at various hospitals, TKA has achieved a streamlined cost-saving, scalable system of equipment maintenance for many.

Currently, hospitals carry a significant burden of maintaining equipment in an efficient way. Hospitals often rely upon traditional clinical engineering service contracts, which cost 8-10 times more than implementing an in-sourced, centralized group of factory-trained staff such as TKA. Hospitals are now realizing the vast potential savings created form taking this measure.

In addition to significantly minimizing cost, TKA reduces maintenance inconsistencies and brings greater efficiency and coordination to a hospital’s equipment and clinical engineering program.

Cost to Value Ratio – what is yours?

What is your cost to value ratio? What would you like it to be?