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Power Strips and CMS

power_strips_cmsRelocatable Power Taps, commonly known as power strips, have become a much-needed addition to many operating rooms and other clinical spaces in which the quantity or location of receptacles are inadequate.

However, in June 2014, TJC Director of Engineering George Mills announced new restriction on the use of power strips. Included in the new restrictions is a rule to prevent relocatable power tabs to be used within patient care areas, including operating rooms, patient rooms, recovery rooms, exam rooms and diagnostic procedure rooms. Although CMS has held similar restrictions for quite some time, it appears that TJC surveys are now aligning with the more restrictive interpretations of CMS rules.
In many medical facilities, hospital staff and clinical engineering personnel rely upon relocatable power taps in order to create functional rooms with convenience and flexibility. How might this more restrictive mandate affect a hospital’s operational throughput, financial outlook, and clinical performance?