Customer & Service Contracts

TKA has capability to assist any size client and provide technical support and customized consultations in areas of maintenance, repair, record-keeping, life cycle analysis and planning functions.  Our Technical and Professional Services offerings provide a complementary alternative for customers that wish to own their medical equipment, but lack the infrastructure, expertise or scale to perform the above services.

We believe that through our network of highly trained technicians, strong customer relationships and our extensive equipment database, we offer customers an attractive alternative to outsourcing.

The hospital industry is extremely over-dependent on costly service contracts.  The cost of these contracts is typically eight to ten times the cost of our factory-trained staff performing the same service.  Renegotiations of legacy service contracts will move providers from inflexible, third party arrangements and costly contracts.  We expect much of our future growth in this segment to be driven by our development in clinical engineering capabilities over time.  Our system-wide service contract inventories are conducted to ensure that we provide for the needs of our healthcare providers.  TKA staff leverage buying power as it relates to service contract negotiations, and parts procurement.  TKA views the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as strategic partners.

Vendor service contracts will be negotiated directly by TKA, which leverages system volume to drive down costs, contracting nationally and regionally where possible.  TKA team members (technicians and account managers) will generate and process all purchase orders for parts, labor and services.

Headline to use TKA cost-to-value ratio calculator to lead sales contact generation.

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