Tech Knowledge Associates

A Day in The Life at TKA

Anissa Hall, Regional Office Coordinator, Southern California

day_at_tkaI have worked at TKA for the past eight years. I currently serve as a regional Office coordinator for TKA’s Southern California clients, including CHOC, St. Mary Hospital, St. Jude Medical Center, Mission Hospital, Mission Hospital Laguna Beach, and St. Joseph Orange.

Every day is different for me at TKA. I am often gathering Directors and Admins to discuss invoicing and accounting issues, and to get everyone on the same page. I manage Four Regional guys who travel throughout Southern California to keep all of our Hospitals covered. I make sure that work orders are successfully opened and closed, order parts and help with any other assistance they may need, and I assist a larger group of TKA directors with issues regarding purchase orders, vendors, work orders, invoicing, and timesheets.

Overall, TKA creates positive improvements within hospitals. Coming from St. Jude, I saw how TKA handled a smooth transition of employees and equipment maintenance. TKA is supportive of its staff, and the employees are very happy being part of the culture at TKA. The company offers extensive training which benefits all of our hospital clients. In return, TKA has a culture of employees who are very willing to learn more.

The regional teams at TKA are the best. They are very meticulous and budget conscious in their work, always looking for the best possible solution in any given situation. Rather than immediately calling a specific vendor for a repair, they first assess the ability to repair in-house; similarly, for the replacement of an equipment part, TKA obtains quotes to receive the best pricing. This process of receiving quotes and conducting in-house repairs whenever possible has saved our clients a significant amount of money.

Tech Knowledge Associates has been an excellent place to work, and also to grow. Cheers to many more excellent years with TKA!